Updated April 15, 2018  

Dear Millennial Family, Children, Grandchildren:

This is

A Personal Note On Number 45
On The 45th President of the United States

from me, Dr. Edward H. Dowdye, Jr. This is a Personal Note that I have chosen to write directly to you, our Future and the Hope of our country, our Nation in CRISIS, the United States of America. This Personal Note is my incentive for the generation of this Web-Page to you. I am very much convinced that you, our Millennial Family, Children and Grandchildren are the very Souls who can help save our Nation from this global CRISIS that seriously endangers all of us at this very moment.


THIS IS A WARNING TO godly people

Job 26:7  Psalm 104:19
He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.  He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.

We Can See the Signs Now

A Modern Nuclear Blast over 1000 Times More

Powerful than the Hiroshima Bomb of WWII


We Are Reminded
Voting has its Consequences
It doesn't matter whether you voted or you did not vote,
 the consequences are do to all of our combined actions.
We Are Severely Warned
Turn Off All The Fear Mongering
And Ignore All The Scare Tactics
These are designed to Purposely and Needlessly
arouse and intimidate you the People of God.


An EXAMPLE of such Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics would be threatening statements against organized groups of voters like us, and our Soldiers of Faith. The following is such a Scare Tactic: 

You People who Stand Up or Revolt Against the Electoral College System could start a Civil War.

We Appeal to the BROADCASTERS on the AIR WAVES to please stop broadcasting the Harmful Fear Mongering and the Scare Tactics to our People and to our Soldiers of Faith. 


We are all reminded

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge



The Voters had just two Presidential candidates, distinctly different, one from another, from which to choose on election day.


Two Distinctly Different Candidates for President
one highly qualified the other highly unfit
A Former First Lady  No Experience in Political Office
A Former New York Senator Unsuitable for his Temperament
A Secretary of State He is Erratic and Unstable




If you truly have real concerns for our Nation in CRISIS and you are a serious Voter affiliated with a Political Party that will represent our Interests, then please take time to get the Real Facts; not The Fake News


1) The first Publication was  The Atlantic  

The very first Global, Renown Newspaper ever to a Presidential Candidate was The Atlantic. The Atlantic  Dating back to 169 years of its history, actually endorsed only two Presidents in its history. The first President was Abe Lincoln. The second President was Lyndon B. Johnson and only recently The Atlantic made its third endorsement in its entire history for Hillary Clinton. The Atlantic decided to break its 169 year old tradition because of the political crisis that was brewing. 

2) The second Publication was The Foreign Policy Magazine

The Foreign Policy Magazine was second Major Publication ever to endorse a Presidential Candidate for the very first time in history. The Foreign Policy magazine is known worldwide. The magazine is quoted: "We cherish and fiercely protect this publication’s independence and its reputation for objectivity, and we deeply value our relationship with all of our readers, regardless of political orientation. It is for all these reasons that The Foreign Policy’s editors are now breaking with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton for the next president of the United States.

3) The third Publication was The Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas Morning News was the third Publication ever to endorse a Presidential candidate for the very first time. The Dallas Morning News endorsed a Democrat for the very first time in its history, Breaking with decades of tradition encouraging readers to vote for Republican candidates. Pronouncing Trump’s values as “hostile to conservatism,” the newspaper wrote that the Republican nominee “plays on fear — exploiting base instincts of xenophobia, racism and misogyny — to bring out the worst in all of us, rather than the best.” “His serial shifts on fundamental issues reveal an astounding absence of preparedness,” the board of the Dallas Morning News continued. “We don’t come to this decision easily."

It is easily FACT CHECKED that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most Qualified of all Presidential candidates ever to run for the office of the Presidency in the History of all Presidential Elections in the United States of America.



Did You Know: The Education Gap between Educated African American Women and White Women across America has closed remarkably. This is a significant finding of the U.S. Census Bureau.


Did You Know: The African America Women achieved historically the Strongest Voter Turnout Margins of All Voters in National Elections. 

African America Women Voter Turnout

2008 2012 2016
Obama / McCain Obama / Romney Clinton / Trump
68.1% 70.1%* 64.1%
* A Record High



November 8, 2016 General Election

here the votes are nearly all tabulated




The Popular Election Results   
Hillary Clinton (D) Donald Trump (R)
65,228,264 62,573,688


Hillary has +2,554,576 more popular votes than her opponent Trump and still counting as of December 2, 2016. Now as of December 10, 2016 the popular vote lead for Hillary has exceeded +2,800,000 votes and is still counting.



3/5 clause of the U.S. Constitution

This is a Must-Know for All Godly People

On the Founding of the Electoral College

Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution originally appointed representatives and direct taxes among the states by adding the whole value of 1 for each free Persons (White people); but the value of only "three-fifths of a white person", (3/5 of a white man) for each slave or all other non-white persons. The 3/5 Clause was a compromise between the northern states not wanting slaves counted, and the southern states wanting all slaves counted, when determining a state's total population. Had slaves been counted fully, southern states would have had the benefit of increased representation in the House and the Electoral College, particularly since slaves were assigned the value of "three-fifths of a white person", and a voting power of ZERO and not allowed to vote.


The Electoral College was drafted by the Founders of the Constitution in 1787, yet, the "three-fifths of a white person" compromise is still to this day in effect in the Electoral College. The Electoral College was designed to protect us from an undesired candidates or one who displays devious acts of demagoguery like the one who just got elected President Elect. The Electoral College failed horribly in this presidential election.


The Image of the United States of America


As Global Leaders

Question the Leadership of our President


The United States occupies the world stage with other major powers, especially at a regional level, that may even rival the United States in terms of influence. The 2017 Survey of the Pew Research Center, from which the research was taken, was asked about confidence in the leaders of three other major powers besides the United States: 1) The German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, 2) the Chinese President Xi Jinping and 3) the Russian President Vladimir Putin.


R Foreign Leader Rating Highest  Confidence Lowest Confidence   Don't  Know
Dr. Angela Merkel 42% 31% 18%
Xi Jinping 28% 53% 20%
Vladamir Putin 27% 59% 11%
Donald Trump 22% 74% 8%


Of the four foreign leaders, President Donald Trump is found to be the least trusted to do the right thing when it comes to world affairs. Overall, a global median of 74% expresses a no confidence in the leadership of the United States, while a poor grade of only 22% expresses the highest confidence in Donald Trump. By contrast, the German Kanzler Dr. Angela Merkel enjoys fairly widespread confidence among publics in much of Europe, Canada and Asia. This includes a high grade of 89% that expresses high confidence in Dr. Angela Merkel in the Netherlands and in Sweden. Overall, half or more in 15 of the countries surveyed say they have the highest confidence in Dr. Angela Merkel to do the right thing in international affairs.
I trust that our Millennial Family, our Children and our Grandchildren will have the God-given Wisdom and the Confidence to make the right decisions.

We must warn our Youth to stay clear of the PITFALLS, the FAKE-NEWS and all of the RIGHT WING HATE MEDIA.

We must WARN our Bright Youth that the Right Wing Media, the Fox News Channels, the Right Wing Talk Shows and the Alt Right Hate News Channels and all of the Web-Sites geared to the Alt Right, the Neo-NAZI Hate groups, the KKK and all of the Foreign and the Local Social Media that are supporting these Hate groups and their News Systems do not have our interest in mind and are dangerous to our cause.

We must also WARN our Bright Young Listeners that too many of our BLACK RADIO TALK SHOWS are too insensitive to and are guilty of Dummying Down our vulnerable, Bright Young Listeners, our Future Leaders, who happen to be tuned in and are listening to their poorly designed programmed messages and their weak sources of FACT-CHECKED information. Far too many of these Black Radio Talk Shows too often promote very bad political habits that too often encourages our Bright Young caller that Voting does not have its consequences. Too many of these shows too often discourages our Young Voters to Vote. Some of these shows are offensive and rude to our young callers and even offensive and rude to adult professionals who attempt to call in and correct the talk show hosts or hostesses with correct information, valid research and the facts. The caller is too often cut off without being heard out right or allowed to complete their main point of thought. Our Bright Young Listeners of Sound Minds can easily recognize such programs simply by listening for the content of Courtesy, Wisdom and Fact Checked InformationOur Bright Young people of today's modern space-aged world possess enormous analytical skills. Those who chose to call into to these Radio Shows simply cannot be speed talkers. It is impossible to talk fast enough to get an important and valid point across most of these talks shows. The serious minded caller simply cannot be rushed. Our Bright Young people of the modern world are not of the short sound-bite generation. They must be heard, listened to and allowed to express themselves at their own paste


  • 1) The Right Wing or GOP of the Republican Party will stand up and fight for their cause and for their candidates, no matter what the issues may be, and whether they like the candidate or not. They will cling together and Vote Massively as a SOLID BLOCK.
  • 2) The Left Wing or the Democratic Party is Spineless and seems to fail every time to stand up and Fight to the Grind as Hillary tried to warn and campaigned on, that "We are stronger together." Somehow, we failed to get that message as it is very evident in the SAD TURNOUT of our Voters, especially in the SWING STATES.

We will continue to loose Elections if our Voters fail to understand this Important and Valid Concept and the Fundamentals of this Evil Electoral College System. Until we all get these facts firmly into our minds and into our brains, we will continue to loose Presidential Elections.

The CLEAR FACT is there is no Democratic Candidate in sight at this moment that can match the performance of Hillary Rodham Clinton who won the Popular Vote by nearly 3 million votes. Hillary did not loose that Election. Our National Election was hacked by a foreign power, politically sabotaged and gerrymandered, according to the Supreme Courts, with surgical precision. The next upcoming 3 or 4 United States Presidential Elections, namely, that of November 8, 2020, November 8, 2024 and November 8, 2028 will most likely result in Republican Presidential-Elects if our Democratic Party does not get its act together.



Criminal Indictments, Convictions and Sentences


from Nixon to Obama

Year Inaugurated Number President Administration Party Years In Office

Criminal Indictments

Criminal Convictions Prison Sentences


44 Barack Hussein Obama Democratic 8 0 0 0


43 George W. Bush Republican 8 16 16 9
1993 42 William (Bill) Clinton Democratic 8 2 1 1
1989 41 George H. W. Bush Republican 4 1 1 1
1981 40 Ronald Reagan Republican 8 26 16 8
1977 39 Jimmy Carter Democratic 4 1 0 0
1969 38 Gerald Ford Republican 2.4 1 1 1
1963 37 Richard Nixon Republican 5.6 76 55 15
It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama has the Cleanest Bill of Health when graded by Criminal Indictments, Convictions and Sentences during the entire 8-Year term of his office.

Criminal Indictments : Convictions : Sentences 

GRADE of the Last 8 Presidents

from Best to Worst

Barack Obama has the   GRADE   0   0   0   A Perfect Score
     Only Jimmy Carter comes close behind Barack Obama.
Jimmy Carter has  the    GRADE   1   0    0   
George H. W. Bush has  GRADE   1   1   1
Gerald Ford has the       GRADE    1   1   1
Bill Clinton has the        GRADE    2   1   1
George W. Bush             GRADE   16  16  9
Ronald Reagan has the  GRADE   26  16  8
Richard Nixon has the   GRADE   76  55  15

When the Criminal indictments and convictions of the Trump Administration are all done, Donald Trump will likely surpass Richard Nixon's GRADE.  

The record shows that Obama had advised Trump in a Letter from Obama to Trump on Inauguration Day, that American Leadership is "indispensable" and Obama tried to encourage Trump to take a path "thought action and example" to sustain from post Cold War international order. Obama warned Trump, on this very same day, about the hiring of Mike Flynn. Obama advised Trump in this letter to  follow his legal advisors.  

Trump Failed to heed Obama's Warning.

The rest is history.


Get the FACTS, not the FAKE NEWS.

Turn off the FOX NEWS.


We are all reminded that President Barack Hussein Obama placed sanctions against Russia. The Obama administration retaliated for Russian efforts to interfere with the US Presidential Election by expulsion of 35 Russians out of the United States closing down the Russian intelligence services here. 

This is World News recorded in World History and in archives of Fact-Checked History.


CBS News December 16, 2016

We recall again that it was the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  that first warned intelligence agencies that our Presidential Election was being interfered with by Russians days before the Election. 

Hillary Clinton's concern was broadcast on CBS News on December 16, 2016. That same week, President Obama vowed that he will take action against the Russians.   




If our Brothers and Sisters fail to Vote in the SWING STATES, then our opponents will be awarded all the Electoral Votes of each SWING STATE wherever our voters failed to turnout. It happened to Albert Gore, Jr. in the 2000 Presidential Election. Gore received more than a half million more Popular Votes than his opponent George W. Bush. Bush received 271 Electoral Votes, just 1 Vote over the 270 Threshold needed to win, and Gore received 266 Electoral Votes.

It happened to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary received more than 2.8 million more Popular Votes that her opponent Donald Trump. Trump received 306 Electoral Votes, just 36 Votes over the 270 Threshold needed to win, and Clinton received 232 Electoral Votes, denying her the +2.8 million Popular Votes she earned in a National Election.

WARNING: This will happen again and again in the very next Presidential Elections if our VOTERS fail to turnout in the SWING STATES

Do not ever give your Social Security Number out to join a VOTING BLOCK, or to a Million Man or Women Block of Voters. It is a Dangerous Act to entrust your Social Security Number to a stranger and to give up your Power to participate in Free Elections in the United States of America. Do NOT ever talk to political pundits over the phone and give out your financial information unless you initiated the call.


There is no Democratic Candidate currently in sight that can match the performance of  the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who won the Popular Vote by nearly 3 million votes. If some other Democratic Candidate is chosen to be the Front Runner for any future Presidential Election or Elections, then the next upcoming 3 or 4 United States Presidential Elections, namely, that of November 8, 2020, November 8, 2024 and November 8, 2028 will most likely result in Republican Presidential-Elects.    

A most likely near future Democratic-Elect would be Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton should she

  • A) decide to jump in and run for the office of the Presidency


  • B) she really wants to be Commander in Chief of the United States of America, a job for which she is clearly the most qualified in the history of all Presidential Elections in the United States of America

Hillary must want both A) and B). Both.

Else, the next Presidential-Elect or -Elects will be Republican without a doubt. That is of course if the Democratic Party does not get its act together.

"Time To Ask Why"
Rachel Maddow - Aired 11/9/2017 on MSNBC



You May Start From Beginning          You May Adjust Your Volume


For more details on "Time to Ask Why" you may see the PBS NEWS HOUR report published on 11/8/17 by former Ambassador Barbara Stephenson of the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA). The Ambassador published her concerns on the "Rapid cuts to top leadership at the State Department; warning that severe cuts at Top Levels of our Top Leadership will have Serious, Immediate and Tangible Effect on the Capability of the United States to Shape World Events." The Ambassador wrote her concerns in an Essay entitled "Time to Ask Why" in the monthly newsletter of the AFSA.





" 'Lock Him Up' a crowd chants to Flynn. After leaving a D.C. Courthouse following his guilty plea and his being convicted amid shouts 'Lock Him Up' for lying to the FBI"
Lawrence O'Donnell - Aired on 12/1/2017 on MSNBC



You May Start From Beginning          You May Adjust Your Volume





Washington (CNN) CIA 

A Trump appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with the head of a Russian foreign intelligence agency, an official that was barred from entering the US under the 2014 sanctions act against Russia. Additionally, the head of Russia's internal security agency, according to a US official, had direct knowledge of this illegal meeting which included some other Russians agencies who came to America illegally.


The House of Representatives Released a GOP Form of a Redacted Version of the FISA Memo Despite Objections of the FBI. This was done After the Approval of President Donald Trump.
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: Nunes is Trump's 'Stooge'. "What they're putting forth is a total misrepresentation. It is false."


  • Senator John McCain: "Our nation's elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows. If we continue to undermine our own rule of law,
we are doing Putin's job for him."


  • Washington Post: "The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan is  
Tarnishing the House of Representatives."

The Speaker Paul Ryan shamefully fails to stop Russian agents and those colluding with them, from illegally violation the 2014 sanctions act against Russia, choosing political agendas above our National interest, thereby endangering our National Security.

Investigation on Carter Page continues, (against whom the FBI had their Radar focused for years.) It is worthy to note that Carter Page has managed to escape being indicted. We note also that the Christopher Steele Dossier was a warning by Christopher Steele, who is a friendly foreign partner of the United States of America; a friendly intelligence agent who was looking after the United States and was issuing a Friendly Warning to the United States about his finding on Donald Trump.

POLITICS TV Posted on February 2, 2018

Trump was asked: Do you have confidence in Rosenstein?

           Trump: "You Figure That One Out.




After One Year In An Office For Which He Is Totally Unfit, DONALD TRUMP Finally Sees ALL Of His Problems



NEW BREAKING News  March 15, 2018

POLITICS NEWS by Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haverman March 15, 2018

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding All Documents Pertaining to Russia



Washington (Associated Press) April 12, 2018

Former FBI Director James Comey blasts President Donald Trump as "unethical" and "untethered to truth" in a new book. He calls Trump's leadership of the country "ego driven and about personal loyalty."

Comey's comments come in the new book in which he casts Trump as a mafia boss-like figure who sought to blur the line between law enforcement and politics and tried to pressure him regarding the investigation into Russian election interference.

The book provides a firsthand account of several moments under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller's team probing possible obstruction of justice by Trump.

We Are Reminded
Voting has its Consequences
Failure to Vote has Worst Consequences



United States of America


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

An Apology




There is Now a Solution to this Evil Electoral College System born right out of the Plantation Past of the Founding Fathers of our Nation's Constitution in 1787. The Electoral College was used to block and deny our Vote and our Fair and  Just participation in the Economic Power of our Nation during the time of the Enslavement of our People. 

We recall

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: 

because thou hast rejected knowledge,

I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:

seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,

I will also forget thy children.


Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

 to them who are the called according to his purpose.


We can now make this Evil Electoral College System work for Our Good simply by following the INSTRUCTIONS given to our Soldiers of Faith to CONNECT with our Brothers and Sisters who are residing in the SWING STATES



The Electoral College









The Electoral College Fellows vote only in Presidential Elections
The Next Presidential Election is Soon, November 8, 2020
We Need to Start Right Now
Call Them Up, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, Text, Gas up and Go there



Pass this on to our Millennial Family Tell each to tell 10 others


Call Friends and Millennial Persons you know who reside in SWING STATES Tell them to tell 10 others

Use Facebook,  Twitter, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet,   E-MAIL, Telephone, Text, Text, Text, 

Use Instagram. Get in your cars and drive to the SWING STATES, KNOCK ON DOORS.

Register them. Take them to the Poll. Whatever it takes; GET THEM ALL VOTING.

Let's make this Evil Electoral College System work for us. 


The MOST EFFECTIVE MEASURE against the YELLOW SWING STATES of the Electoral College is illustrated here above. All of us residing in the 50 States of the United States most Call Them Up. Let's flood the phones in the SWING STATES. If our Brothers and Sisters fail to Vote in the SWING STATES, then our opponents will be awarded all the Electoral Votes of each SWING STATE wherever our voters failed to turnout. Recall that Donald Trump received just 36 Electoral Votes that put him over the 270 Vote Electoral-Threshold required for winning the November 2016 Presidential Election, thus denying the +2.8 million Popular-Vote win of Hillary Clinton.


Votes without FAIL in ALL elections Midterm, Local, Presidential
4 Stand in the LONG VOTING LINES, in hot, cold, rain or snow. As long as you are in a line to vote you always have the legally RIGHT to VOTE. No one can force you away from your RIGHT to VOTE. Let Seniors and all Physically Challenged Souls go to the head of the voting lines.

We Must ALL Vote without FAIL in every election to take Both the United State Senate and the United States Congress, and thus the POWER away from the hands of this demagogue until the Right Commander in Chief is Voted In by Our Popular Demand Only, free of foreign influence, to Serve This Nation and ALL of its Citizens. We Must ALL Call Friends, Brothers and Sisters you know who reside in SWING STATES.

Learn How You Can Help

Check Your Voter Registration Status by State Websites

Website 1  Check Status:    https://www.vote.org/

Website 2  Check Statuswww.rockthevote.com 


I shall devote my life to see to it that ALL of our Young People

Vote Massively and with Godly Wisdom in ALL Future Elections.
I am Faithfully your Brother and your Servant
Dr EHDowdyeJr
Founder Pure Classical Physics Research
Member American Physical Society
Member Reid Temple A.M.E. Church, Glenn Dale, Maryland
VITAE of DrDowdye





My Personal Comments {Yours Truly Dr Dowdye} on National Talk Shows

Click Below on the C-SPAN On-Line link for the

Washington Journal Show
Beginning with Most Recent Date
The Guest was Professor Dr Douglas Brinkley, History Professor at Rice University  
I warned our Democratic supporters and leadership that this President was not
elected by the Popular Vote and most do not realize and know the power and danger
of the Electoral College. Our Voters must warn the Voters in the SWING states to vote.
Host Pedro Echevarria - was on 8:36 - 8:38 AM EST, Monday, February 19, 2018
On President's Day (US Observed)
CLICK HERE >  https://www.c-span.org/video/?441244-3/washington-journal-douglas-brinkley-discusses-president-trumps-influence-presidency

Washington Journal Show
TOPIC  Do You Have Confidence in Mueller's Russia Probe?
President Donald Trump became "Unhinged" simply because it seems Robert Mueller 
is doing an excellent job and seems to be getting too close to closing in on connecting
President Trump with involvement in a collusion with Russian meddling in our Elections;
too close for the comfort of Donald Trump.
with Hostess Kimberly Atkins - I was on at 7:2o AM EST, Saturday, December 16, 2017
CLICK HERE >  https://www.c-span.org/video/?438546-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls
Washington Journal Show
I chose to TALK on Senator Bob Corker and the Secretary of State's reaction to 

President Trump's anger causing him to be constrained by his White House aides.

Senators Bob Corker referred to the White House as being "an adult day care center
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,  called the President a "moron"
Senators Bob Corker said President Trump is setting the country "on the path to World War III"
with Hostess Greta Wodele Brawner - I was first to call in at 9:05 AM, October 12, 2017  
CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?435539-5/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls
Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  President Trump's Remarks Regarding North Korea

President Trump: FIRE & FURY NOT "TOUGH ENOUGH" 

President Trump said that his FEUD "Fire and Fury" 
may not have been tough enough. He said to reporters 
"We're backed 100 percent by our military" 
with Host Steve Scully - I called in at 7:11 AM on Friday, August 11, 2017
CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?432387-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls

Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  Open Phones on the visit to the G20 Summit by President Trump

President Trump goes to the G20 Summit of the World Leaders. The United States

slips down to the lowest level in comparison to other Nations of the World.

 Germany's Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel takes the first place, the most respected,

 and considered to be the Most Confident as a World Leader.

President Trump takes the last place behind Vladimir Putin.

with Host John McArdle - I called in at 9:12 AM EST on Thursday, July 6, 2017

CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?430904-5/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls

   Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  Your Advice To The (Graduating) Class Of 2017

President Trump's Choice of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary, 
a person who has absolutely NO clue about the subject of Education
truly demonstrates that President Trump has NO clue about Education 

with Host Geoff Bennett - I called in at 7:16 AM on Saturday, May 27, 2017

CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?429082-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls

Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  President Trump: Attempted to Punish Sanctuary Cities, His attempt 
to Withdraw Federal Funds was blocked by US District Judge William Orrick 
The US District Judge Orrick Punishes President Trump
with Host John McArdle - I called in at 7:55 on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?427540-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls

Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  President Trump, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel News Conference

President of the United States refused to shake the hands extended to him by the

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, an Elegant World Leader

a Physicist with a Doctorate in Physics from Leipzig University

Another Embarrassment to the United States of America

with Hostess Kimberly Atkins - I called in at 7:38 AM EST on Saturday, March 18, 2017

CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?425451-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls

   Washington Journal Show

TOPIC  War of Words on Two-State Solution between Secretary of State John Kerry

and Israeli President Netanyahu {This is Bible Prophecy in the Making}

Netanyahu disrespects President Obama by bypassing him to address the US Congress

Israel had more to gain from President Obama

than from all other US Presidents in history

with Hostess Kimberly Atkins - I was on at 7:3o AM EST on Thursday, December 29, 2016

CLICK HERE > https://www.c-span.org/video/?420476-2/washington-journal-news-headlines-viewer-calls