Understanding Significance

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as they relative to the scheduling of events

simply by observing

The Phases of the Moon

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Class Two


For Class Two the student will apply some of the fundamentals learned in Class One. The student will be encouraged to look up at the night sky and observe the Moon Phases on the way to class. If the classes were all on a weekly schedule, (say every 7 days), the student will notice that the Lunar Phases will change on a 7 day cycle. If Class One happen to fall on the night of a NEW MOON, then seven (7) days later Class Two would fall on the night of a HALF MOON. If the Moon were visible each night the students will notice the following Phases of the Moon for seven (7) class meetings.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7
1st Night 7th Night 14th Night 21st Night 28th Night 35th Night 42nd Night
New Moon Half Moon Full Moon Half Moon New Moon Half Moon Full Moon

The students becomes more and more proficient in the use of and the application of the Bible Prophecy fundaments as is described in the Bible. At this point the student has a good grasping of the time-lines using lunar phases is a unit of measurement. 

A nightly observation of the Lunar Cycles where the student observes the Moon each evening at the same time in the evening, say at 7:00 PM while going to Bible Prophecy class, for fourteen successive evenings is illustrated below in the Figure "Fourteenth Days". This is essential knowledge for the correct understanding of the Fourteenth days is commanded by the time-lines mentioned in scriptures virtually through the whole Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

This is A MUST KNOW for ALL Christians. The student learns that Easter is not on the typical calendars hanging up on our walls at home. The students all learn how to determine how to determine the calendar date for Easter and know that the LORD God does not abide by or go by the calendars hanging up on our walls at home.

We shall focused primarily on the reading of the Phases of the Moon. We learn to read the Bible and understand how the parishioners read from the Moon phases as they went out and looked up and read the signs of the heavenly skies and the Moon. Large multitudes of people showed up at the appointed times. The parishioners all reported on time and were not late or tardy simply by reading the signs of the Lunar Phases. We are encouraged to go out at night and look towards the South skies and know that the Heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the planets all seem to rise up from the East, pass over us in the skies and set in the West. This is apparent only because we know that the Earth is spinning about an imaginary axis giving the appearance that the Heavenly bodies are moving across the sky from the East to the West continually.


Looking  To The  SOUTH

looking out the SOUTH window of your house

The Moon is seen rising from East and sets in West

The order of Moons appears from WEST to EAST

                      7th        6th        5th       4th        3rd      2nd      1st





1st Moon seen rising from East to West. The 1st Moon appears as indicated -->    1st Moon
2nd Moon seen rising from East to West. At the very same time

 2nd Moon

<--- next morning  
3rd Moon seen rising from East to West and appears 

3rd Moon

<--- as indicated 
4th Full Moon appears 

4th Moon 

<--- as indicated 
5th Moon appears

5th Moon 

<--- as indicated 
6th Moon

6th Moon 

<--- as indicated 

7th Moon 

<--- appears as indicated at the most far to the LEFT or EAST 

We Recall: Because of the Earth's rotation, the Moon appears to move from East to West but at the same time in the morning, for each morning of the occurrence of the Seven Moons, the Moon appears at a delayed position in the sky because of  the fact that the Moon is actually in orbit about the Earth. It moves around the Earth in approximately 28 days, more precisely 29.5 days to make a complete orbit. 

Think of this. The ground of the Earth we stand on is actually moving almost at supersonic jet speeds, moving from the WEST to the EAST. This is why the Sun is seen setting in the WEST, because the ground is moving us from the WEST leaving the Sunny days behind. The Moon is actually orbiting the Earth going around in the same direction as the ground of Earth is moving, from the WEST to the EAST; the reason for the Lunar Calendar Moons appearing from 7th Moon to 1st Moon, from WEST to the EAST. 

One of the basic fundaments needed to understand the Biblical Time-Lines may be gotten from the example of the Moon-Phase calendar showing the month of April 2016 of last year. The students learned that the summer equinox, also known as the Vernal equinox fell on the 20th day March 2015. The very first Full Moon occurred on the 4th of April 2015.  By definition Easter is the very first Sunday after the first Full Moon which occurred on the 5th of April 2015. We recall that just before Easter which fell on April 5 last year, in that same month the Full Moon turn red became a Blood Red Moon as is indicated on the Moon-Phase calendar below.

We learn that the Moon changes phases at the rate of going from a Half-Moon (first quarter) to a Full-Moon in 1 week or slightly more than 7 days. To be more exact it takes exactly 7.375 days. The Moon goes from a Full-Moon back to a Half-Moon (third quarter) in another week or 7.375 days. The Moon goes from a Half-Moon (third quarter) to a New-Moon in another week. In other words, the Moon goes from Full-Moon to a New-Moon in just over Fourteen days. The Moon returns back to its original phase again, completing a whole cycle in exactly 29.5 days as it appears to observers on the Earth. This is a full or complete month on a Jewish or a Nison Calendar. The students learn that the Jewish calendar that is based on the phases of the Moon, does not exactly line up with the calendars hanging up on our walls at home. Our calendars are based on the apparent motion of the sun and the orbit of the Earth about the sun; a period of 365.25 days as observed from Earth. After the period of 365.25 days, our calendar becomes ready to be trashed and is no longer useful. A band new calendar must be purchased. The Jewish or the Nisan Calendar or Godís Calendar is forever GOOD.


Helpful Materials

  1. Holy Bible

  2. Website is: ScienceInTheBible.Net (www.ScienceInTheBible.net)

  3. Handouts of the Nisan or Jewish Calendars are provided as needed

Details and Tutorials on Moon Phases and the Jewish Calendar are on following Web-pages:

  1. http://www.extinctionshift.com/KNOWLEDGE_BIBLE/MoonOrbitFeb_01.htm

  2. http://www.moonconnection.com

  3. http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml