My Letter to the Parents

Last updated: April 2014 

Dear Parents, Faithful Brothers and Sisters and Parents of our Faithful Children, our Sons and Daughters who are our Future:  

If you missed our very first session, 

"Future Scientists Working for the LORD God"

which took place on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 10:00AM in the Daniel Room at Reid Temple don't worry. There will be other sessions. I invite you to please mail me with your suggestions for future sessions. I am still collecting names of those who are interested in encouraging our young Faithful Children to receive strengthening sparks in the Sciences, while building their Faith in the Hard Core Sciences. 

As our ancestors were the first responsible for the building of The Great Pyramids, the Beginning of Geometry and Advancement of Mathematics, we should all encourage our young future scientists to be competitive in all areas of Modern Science. The plan is to conduct Bible Centered Interactive Sessions using the Holy Bible and the Teaching of God's Word along Modern Scientific Methods for the development of our faithful youth in a Bible centered forum. My thought is to make use of my Web-site and archeological research materials, namely, This will be a Bible Centered Forum where the Holy Bible is used as the only main true reference. My website serves as my personal testimony as a scientist to the Advanced Wisdom of the LORD God and the Science that is embedded in the Holy Bible and in the Word of God which is the Ultimate of all Wisdom. Your suggestions for additional materials are invited and welcome. The Pastor will also make suggestions. Parents are encouraged to click to the website: then go to the main menu of TOPICS. A favorite science lesson for the Children of Faith is that of Noah's Ark. The Holy Bible is very rich with topics of Wisdom like that of The Ark of Noah which I find from experience that appeals greatly to the interest of children. Parents will discover the vast intuitive measure of their children and the spiritual gifts given to them by God. The children intuitively use their God-given talents to comprehend the complexities of the world around them. The instructions given to Noah by God, as revealed in Genesis, would be a very good lesson on the presence of Advanced Wisdom and Science in the Bible.

The Ark [] of Noah

Interested parents are welcome to contact me. I will E-Mail all the parents as soon as I have a date and a time for our next forum which will most likely take place at Reid Temple AME Church in Glenn Dale and probably on a Saturday or at a time most convenient to the parents with children. We shall include all children from the ages of 6 years to 16 years of age for our forums. The ages are just suggestions, not written in stone. Other dates, times or suggestions are welcome. We shall keep the Faith. And we shall Fellowship in the Wisdom of our LORD God.

I am Faithfully yours,
Your Brother EHDowdye

Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr.
Founder Pure Classical Physics Research
Mobile Phone: 202-294-2664
Home Office: 301-345-0395

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