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Let's have some fun with SCIENCE. Firstly, we will need to become familiar with some scientific terms. We will then better understand the Laws of Nature and the Ways of GOD. Also, remember to get your parents to help.


But first, let's learn a few more new words. We shall continue to increase our vocabulary.

A Few More New Words


Let's continue with Geometry and some more interesting geometrical shapes. If we were to assemble a hollow pyramid that has the same shape as The Great Pyramid in Egypt, African, what basic geometrical components would we need?

Let's consider a pyramid made of pieces of plastic geometrical shapes. We would need a rectangular shaped floor and four (4) triangular shaped walls. 

Standing the walls and the flour upright, we have one rectangular flour and four triangular walls (one rectangle and and four triangles).

If the flour of the pyramid had all equal sides, equal length and width, then what would the name of the geometrical shape be?

A box constructed of squares, walls of equal length and width, we would simply need 1 flour, 4 walls and 1 top which is 6 squares in total. 



Giza, Egypt, Africa


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