Did You Know?

The greatest scientists that ever lived on the Earth

were Bible believers.

Did you know that nearly half of the greatest scientists that ever lived on Earth were Bible believers and concede to the idea of a divine creation?  Most modern scientists of ground-breaking rank and status do not accept the idea of an accidentally evolved life.

Modern science is built only upon discoveries and correctly applied scientific methods.  The experiment can only decisively eliminate an incorrect theory. Thousands of experiments can never prove a theory. But, however, one single experiment can totally eliminate an incorrect theory. The validity of any theory is based only upon solid observational evidence and sound principles of scientific method and reasoning; not on magic or any other makeshift, patch-up theories.

It should be noted that there is not a shred of evidence for evolutionary processes. It is now well understood by modern genetic research that each human DNA molecule is comprised of chemical bases that are arranged in approximately 3 billion precise sequences. The DNA molecule for a single-celled bacterium contains enough information to fill all the books of the world's largest libraries!

Know that no theory of chance can ever explain the creation of a complex DNA molecule.

A single human DNA molecule stretched out is about 6 feet long.

The unraveled DNA molecules of a single human body, if stacked from end-to-end, would stretch out from the Earth all the way to the moon.

The following are QUOTES from world famous SCIENTIST

who were Christians and Bible believers



the list is very long list


George Washington Carver (1864-1943)

“When I was young, I said to God, god, tell me the mystery of the universe. 

But God answered, that knowledge is for me alone. So I said, 

god, tell me the mystery of the peanut. Then God said, well,

George, that's more nearly your size.”


Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

"Die Naturwissenschaft ohne Religion ist lahm, 

die Religion ohne Naturwissenschaft ist blind”

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

"Gott würfelt nicht!"

“I cannot believe that God shuffles the dice!"

Rafiniert ist der Herr Gott, aber boshaft er is nicht.”

“God is slick, but he ain't mean." Einstein's own translation into English,

probably at the time while he was rapping with the students at Lincoln University.

This famous quote from Einstein was at Lincoln University, Lincoln University, PA, an HBCU

during Einstein's visit at Lincoln University,

where he also lectured, he received an Honorary Degree

 from Lincoln University in 1946 presented to him by 

Dr. Horace Bond, President of Lincoln University,

father of the famed Julian Bond.

Dr. Einstein rapped with the students at Lincoln University at that time.

“God is slick, but he ain't mean."



Johannes Kepler [1571-1630]

Astronomy/Laws of Planetary Motion

Celestial Mechanics

"I had the intention of becoming a theologian...

but now I see how God is, by my endeavors,

also glorified in astronomy, for 'the heavens declare the glory of God.'"


Sir Isaac Newton [1642-1727]

Mathematician, Physicist

Inventor of calculus

Law of universal gravitation

"There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history."


Samuel Morse [1791-1872]

Inventor of the telegraph

"Education without religion is in danger of substituting wild theories 

for the simple commonsense rules of Christianity."

First message ever sent by the electric telegraph was from {Numbers 23:23}

Numbers 23:23

"What hath God wrought"


Wernher Von Braun [1912-1977]

First Director of NASA, Pioneer of Space Exploration

"Scientific concepts exist only in the minds of men. 

Behind these concepts lies the reality which is being

revealed to us, but only by the grace of God."



more famous scientists

who were also Christians and Bible believers





Louis Pasteur [1822-1895]

Bacteriology, Opponent of evolution, a Devout Christian


Robert Boyle [1627-1691]

Chemistry, Gas Dynamics, Devout Christian, Enthusiastic student of the Bible


 Georges Cuvier [1769-1832]

Comparative Anatomy, Believed God created nature according to Divine Plan


Charles Babbage [1792-1871]

Computer Science, published Treatise that God had omnipotence, foresight to create


Lord Rayleigh [1842-1919]

Dimensional Analysis, Estimated the age of the Earth and decided 

that the age was not big enough for evolutionists to play with


John Ambrose Fleming [1849-1945]

Electronics, Used his remarkable powers as a lecturer on the Bible


James Clerk Maxwell [1831-1879]

Electrodynamics, Memorized all of Psalm 119 at young age, 

Believed in complete harmony between scientific investigation 

and God's teachings in the Bible


Michael Faraday [1791-1867]

Electromagnetics, Field Theory, A Christian

Often presented sermons as an elder in the Sandemanian Church, 

an offshoot of Scottish Presbyterian


Sir William Thompson, Lord Kelvin [1824-1907]

Formulated First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, 

Energetics, A Christian, Follower of Christ

On May 23, 1889 Lord Kelvin addressed the

 Chairmen of Christian Evidence Society in London: 

Part of Lord Kelvin's address: 

"My primary reason for accepting the invitation to preside was that

I wished to show sympathy with this great Society which has been established 

for the purpose of defending Christianity as a Divine Revelation." 


Henri Fabre [1823-1915]

Etomology of Living Insects 

"...you could take my skin from me more easily than my faith in God."


George Stokes [1819-1903] 

Fluid Mechanics, Wrote book on Natural Theology (1891)

Testified of his faith, emphasized bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ 


Sir William Herschel [1738-1822]

Galactic Astronomy, A Committed Christian


George Mendel [1824-1884]

Founder of Modern Genetics

Maintained that Genetics was "No Friend of Evolution"

A Creationist


Louis Agassiz [1807-1873]

Glacial Geology, Ichthyology, Paleontologist, Systematist, Ice Age theorist

a bitter opponent of Dawin's theories

believed in divine intelligence

A Creationist


Professor James Young Simpson [1811-1870]


Desire to discover how God put Adam in a deep sleep to perform ribectomy

He combined intelligent brilliance with compassion.


Matthew Maury [1806-1873]

Hydrography, Searched for secret of the seas

His belief in the Bible lead him to great scientific discoveries.

Psalm 8:8

"The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, 

and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas."

This verse lead Maury to his development of the science of sea currents.

Maury went on to write 

"The Physical Geography of the Sea and Its Meteorology".

Job 28:25

"To make the weight for the winds; 

and he weigheth the waters by measure."

This verse lead to even further understanding 

and practicability of laying down undersea cables.  


Blaise Pascal [1623-1662]

Hydrostatics, Christian and Religious Writer


 Sir William Ramsey [1754-1771]

Developed Isotopic Chemistry 

A Professor at Cambridge and Oxford Universities

considered to be one of the greatest archeologists

Sir Ramsey set out to disprove the Gospel of Luke and Acts 

based on archeological evidence. After 30 years of painstaking

archeological research, Sir Ramsey was compelled to accept the Bible

 and became a Christian by accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


John Ray [1627-1705]

Natural History, Founder of Modern Chemistry

Ray declared fossils were petrified remains of extinct creatures.

He thought that one would gain from "Wisdom and goodness of God".


Bernard Riemann [1826-1866]

Non-Euclidean Geometry


David Brewster [1781-1868]

Optical mineralogy, Raised with Christian education,

National Church of Scotland certified him to preach

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